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turmeric Soap 100gm AED 25.00
/products/turmeric-soap-100gm turmeric Soap 100gm AED 25.00
  1. Providing 
  2. it also help in making you skin Oil Free,
  3. Gentle Cleanser & Moisturizer,
  4. Skin Looks Brighter,
  5. Fairer Complexion
  6. Creativity is the essence of our Business
  7. SAC has the ability to see beyond the horizon and create the trends today.
  8. Our Creatives skills are what set SAC apart from others. We place all of our creative, scientific and technical standard over here for our customers .We engage through Commitment to Discover,
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kalongi (Blackseed) Soap 100gm AED 25.00
/products/kalongi-blackseed-soap-100gm kalongi (Blackseed) Soap 100gm AED 25.00
  • Premium Quality
  • highest standard and certified product
  • Genuine Product
  • SAC Blackseed Soap - 80gm -
  • soap bar - black seed
  • kalonji oil based Soap for skin
  • hair and Beauty
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tea tree Soap 100gm AED 25.00
/products/tea-tree-soap-100gm tea tree Soap 100gm AED 25.00

Tea Tree

Facewash Bar

- Herbal Soap

- Pure Tea Tree for Skin benefits

- Face Wash

- Shower


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cucumber Soap 100gm AED 25.00
/products/cucumber-soap-100gm cucumber Soap 100gm AED 25.00 Cucumber Soap with having 100 gm bar that makes you feel Light and makes your skin healthy and Providing Whitening Agent Complex, it also help in making you skin Oil Free, Gentle Cleanser & Moisturizer, Skin Looks Brighter, Fairer Complexion. soft, product offered by SAC, S-Amden Group of Companies, 44499540836661 1
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neem Soap 100gm AED 25.00
/products/neem-soap-100gm neem Soap 100gm AED 25.00 Neem Herbal Soap- for regular use- Body Shower- Face Wash- Pure Neem for Skin benefits- 100gm- SAC 44499539886389 1
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beetroot Soap 115gm AED 25.00
/products/beetroot-soap-100gm beetroot Soap 115gm AED 25.00


SAC Herbal Beetroot Soap is an herbal oil-based soap made with pure beetroot oil extracts, and is available in a 115gm bar. Its beauty transparent oil soap formula nourishes skin to add a natural shine. its great for regular facewash aswell regular body showers This soap is enriched with vital nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids that help promote healthy skin. It helps skin maintain vital hydration and leaves it feeling nourished and protected.


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At SAC-Amden, we believe protecting your skin is crucial for overall health and well-being. That's why we offer a wide range of healthcare soaps with natural and safe ingredients that fight against germs and save you from harmful bacteria and viruses, so secure yourself from various diseases. Experience the wonders of soap for whitening skin with our specially formulated products. Our whitening soaps are crafted with care, utilizing gentle yet effective ingredients to help brighten and even out complexion. Embrace a radiant, glowing appearance with our top-notch whitening soaps.
Our healthcare soaps don't include harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes and helps to wash, nurture, and protect skin. In order to create soaps that are kind on your skin and the environment, we only utilize the best ingredients, including organic oils, botanical extracts, and essential oils. Options for all skin types, from dry and sensitive to oily and acne-prone, are available in our range. Our soaps have antibacterial properties, formulated with specific concerns, such as anti-aging, detoxifying, and hydrating. Plus, our soaps have natural scents and textures to suit your preferences. Shop our selection online now and experience the benefits of natural, safe, and effective skincare.
Q. What are whitening soaps?
A. Whitening soaps are formulated to target hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. They often contain ingredients like kojic acid, glutathione, papaya extract, arbutin, licorice extract, and vitamin C. These ingredients help lighten dark spots and promote a brighter, more uniform complexion. Results may vary, so it's important to follow instructions and conduct a patch test before use. Remember to use sunscreen daily when using whitening soaps due to potential increased sun sensitivity.
Q. What are healthcare soaps?
A. Healthcare soap designs to promote skin health and overall well-being. It contains natural and safe ingredients, such as organic oils, botanical extracts, and essential oils.
Q. Are healthcare soaps safe for all skin types?
A. Majority soaps used in the healthcare industry are designed for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Before using any new skincare product, it's always a good idea to examine the contents list and speak with a physician if you have allergies.
Q. How often should I use whitening soaps?
A. The frequency of use for whitening soaps can vary depending on the product and your skin's sensitivity. It is generally recommended to use whitening soaps 2-3 times per week or as directed by the product manufacturer. This allows your skin time to adjust and prevents overexposure to the active ingredients. It's important to monitor your skin's reaction and adjust usage accordingly. If you experience any irritation or discomfort, reduce the frequency or discontinue use. Additionally, remember to follow up with a moisturizer and use sunscreen daily to protect your skin. Consulting with a dermatologist can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific skin type and concerns.
Q. What are the benefits of using healthcare soaps?
A. Healthcare soaps can offer a range of benefits, such as nourishing and protecting the skin, reducing inflammation, promoting healthy cell turnover, and improving overall skin health and appearance.
Q. Can healthcare soaps help with skin concerns like acne or eczema?
A. Some medical soaps are made expressly to address skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Neem and tea tree soaps are recognized to relieve and treat skin diseases.
Q. Are healthcare soaps environmentally friendly?
A. The healthcare soaps are formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging.

We are committed to providing the best skin care soaps in the UAE, ensuring that skincare needs to achieve the utmost satisfaction. Experience the luxury of our soap collection, carefully curated to deliver exceptional results. Elevate your skincare routine with our top-quality soaps and unveil your skin's true potential.

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