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The Essence of Luxury: Discovering Oud and Bakhoor in UAE's Fragrant Traditions – SAC Herbal UAE

The Essence of Luxury: Discovering Oud and Bakhoor in UAE's Fragrant Traditions

January 02, 2024

In the UAE, a land where tradition and luxury blend seamlessly, the enchanting aromas of Oud and Bakhoor hold a place of reverence. These scents are not just mere fragrances; they are the essence of Emirati culture, encapsulating a legacy of opulence and hospitality. This blog invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Oud and Bakhoor, the quintessential Arabian fragrances that define the UAE's aromatic heritage.

Oud: The Liquid Gold of the Emirates:

Oud, a fragrant oil derived from the resin of the Aquilaria trees, is a symbol of prestige in the UAE. Revered by men and women, its unique and captivating scent is a hallmark of Emirati identity. Known as 'liquid gold', Oud's value surpasses even that of gold, making it a coveted treasure for fragrance lovers and a luxurious keepsake from the Emirates.

Crafting the Oud:

The creation of Oud is a fascinating interplay of nature and craftsmanship. When the Aquilaria trees are infected by mold, they produce a resin-rich heartwood. This wood, when distilled, yields the dark, opulent Oud oil – a process so intensive that 70 kg of wood produces only 20 ml of pure Oud. The result is a scent of unparalleled depth and complexity, cherished by traditional and modern perfumers alike in the UAE.

Bakhoor: The Scent of Emirati Homes:

Bakhoor, the fragrant backbone of Emirati homes, is as much a part of the UAE's tradition as the majestic dunes and the azure Gulf waters. Originally used by nomadic tribes to perfume their surroundings and ward off insects, Bakhoor has evolved into a sophisticated scenting ritual in modern Emirati society. It is the agarwood chips, infused with a blend of aromatic oils like jasmine, sandalwood, amber, or citrus, that create Bakhoor's distinctive, welcoming aroma.

The Aroma of Bakhoor:

Bakhoor's fragrance is a symphony of scents, harmonizing the robustness of agarwood with the subtlety of added essential oils. When lit over charcoal or an electric burner in a traditional Mabkhara, Bakhoor's smoke wafts through the air, creating an ambiance of warmth and elegance – a signature of Emirati hospitality.

Where to Find Oud and Bakhoor in Dubai:

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury, offers a plethora of options for those seeking to indulge in these traditional scents. From the historic Spice Souk in Deira to the chic boutiques in The Dubai Mall, a range of Oud and Bakhoor awaits. Arabian Oud stores across the city's malls, including Nakheel Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall, provide an exquisite selection of Oud, while Bakhoor can be found in beautifully crafted blocks, ideal for gifting or personal enjoyment.

Where to Buy Bakhoor Online in the UAE

In the UAE, the allure of Bakhoor extends beyond traditional marketplaces to the digital realm, where a variety of exquisite scents await. The digital landscape has made it easier than ever to explore and purchase Bakhoor in the UAE. From Arabian Oud to SAC Amden, these online stores provide a convenient, comprehensive, and satisfying shopping experience. Whether you're a connoisseur of traditional fragrances or looking to explore new scents, these platforms offer the best of Bakhoor, delivered right to your doorstep.

Exploring the Fragrance Landscape:

  1. Oud vs. Bakhoor: While Oud is a concentrated oil with a potent, earthy aroma, Bakhoor is an incense with a milder, more nuanced fragrance.
  2. Arabian Oud Scents: Oud's scent profile is rich and complex, blending musky, woody, and balsamic notes.
  3. Bakhoor's Aroma: Bakhoor combines the depth of agarwood with the lightness of essential oils, offering a multifaceted fragrance experience.
  4. Bakhoor's Role: Beyond scenting, Bakhoor is a symbol of Arabian hospitality and tradition, enhancing the ambiance of homes and gatherings.


In the UAE, Oud and Bakhoor are more than scents; they are a celebration of heritage and luxury. Whether it's the deep allure of Oud or the inviting aroma of Bakhoor, these fragrances are an integral part of the Emirati lifestyle. Embracing these scents means experiencing the soul of the UAE, a journey through its rich history, and a testament to its enduring love for elegance and tradition.

In this exploration, we've highlighted products like "Bakhoor Zahra" and "Bakhoor Al Haram," some of the top bakhoor fragrances in Dubai. We've delved into the use of bakhoor incense, burners, oudh, and oils, offering insights into how these scents enrich the tapestry of Emirati life. This aromatic journey is not just about fragrances; it's about connecting with the heart of the UAE's cultural heritage.

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